Project Hub is designed to give you useful information and metrics, so you can better manage Activations and evaluate their success.

When you first login, you will be greeted with the Dashboard View (pictured below). This will give you a breakdown of the various projects you have access to. You can find a Project of interest in one of the tables and click it to see more details. 


Once you have done this, you will be presented with a Project Dashboard. This outlines a set of statistics for the Project, at the highest level you have access to. In the image below, we have statistics for all locations within a region. You can change to a single location under the location tab, which will restrict the following information to that one place.

Looking at the statistics, we have quite a lot of information. Statistics will always exclude information from test logins, which is why it is important to always test on the appropriate login credentials and then swap to the activation login when you start putting real users through the system. 

The first row of statistics is a useful guide on how well booths are performing:

  • User count indicates the amount of unique users that have been registered 
  • Shoots indicates the amount of times the experience has been run (this may include the same user going through multiple times)
  • Current Queue is the amount of users registered, that are waiting to complete the experience and have not walked off
  • Walkoff is the amount of people that have registered for the experienced, but been removed from the queue without completing the experience

The second row shows the impact the experience is having:

  • Microsite Views indicates the amount of people that have opened the link from their email address
  • Download shows how many people have downloaded the media to their device 
  • Facebook Share indicates the amount of people who have shared directly from the microsite, to Facebook
  • Twitter Share indicates the amount of people who have shared directly from the microsite, to Twitter

The registration graph will highlight trends in throughput. You may wish to use this to identify ideal points for staff breaks, as a benchmark to compare activations or as a way to manage your schedule to maximise throughput.  


The Activity tab will show you all the content that has been generated from the experience. It is useful to review this to check the output quality from your experience; it may be apparent if the booth has not been setup or run properly. 

By clicking on a video, you can see all of the content generated as a result in the "Media Preview" drop-down. This may be useful in seeing setup issues.


Down the left hand navigation menu, you will see 'Apps' at the bottom. This screen will show you direct download links to any of the apps you may need for the experience. It is always best to refer to this page when installing, in the event that links are updated.